Biocontrol by Drones For Hemp

The most efficient way to release natural enemies in your hemp fields

Why Using Biocontrol in Hemp?



Natural Enemies of Webspinning Spider Mites


Neoseiulus californicus

and other predatory mite species

Natural Enemies of Corn Borer and Corn Earworm


Trichogramma spp.

Natural Enemies of Aphids

Green lacewing

Aphidius colemani

Advantages of releasing beneficials from a drone for hemp growers

Easy access to the field

The drone is extremely effective in releasing beneficial insects in fields that were otherwise not accessible with a spraying tractor or even by foot because of the mud caused by the rain.

Better establishment than manual release

Obstacles in the middle of the field make it hard for field workers to release predatory mites by hand at a uniform rate, while the drone can do the application easily from the air.

Better use of your labor

Because of windy conditions or because field workers are covering several ranches, it can take a few days to have the labor force apply beneficials to different fields. With the drone, a single pilot could cover several ranches in the same amount of time.

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