Learn More About Beneficial Insects and Mites

Learn More About Beneficial Insects and Mites

We’ve gathered some knowledge and articles from thought leaders about the most commonly used beneficial insects and mites

Green lacewing

The superhero of biocontrol, the green lacewing larvae. With its large sickle-shaped mandibles, the green lacewing is the worst nightmare of aphids and other pests trying to damage your crop.  

Targeted pests: aphids and various types of soft-bodied insects

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Cryptolaemus montrouzieri aka the “Mealybug destroyer”

This tiny and cute, yet mighty predatory beetle is also known as the mealybug destroyer, and for good reason. Mealybugs (and even some soft-scale insects) don’t stand a chance against this voracious predator. 

Targeted pests: Various mealybug species

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Start of the insect world, everybody loves to observe them, from kids to hobby gardeners and professional IPM practitioners. Though, you should think twice before purchasing some to release on your crops.

Targeted pests: Various aphid species and other soft-bodied insects

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Neoseiulus californicus

Neoseiulus californicus is one of the most widely used predatory mite warriors by growers around the world. It’s effective to control a wide range of mite species, can tolerate different environmental conditions, and survive on low pest populations, making it an ideal preventative option. 

Targeted pests: Various mite species

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