Our mission at UAV-IQ is to revolutionize the agriculture industry by providing innovative drone-based solutions for biological pest control. We recognize the challenges that have limited the wider growth of this proven effective component of integrated pest management plans. By leveraging cutting-edge drone technology, we aim to outperform human workers and replace teams of up to 20 workers so they can perform other essential tasks. Our BioDrop service enables commercial-scale biocontrol, which protects growers’ bottom lines while reducing chemical pesticide usage. Through our efforts, we strive to enhance sustainability efforts and protect consumers, workers, and the environment. At UAV-IQ, we are committed to driving positive change in the agriculture industry and ensuring the long-term success of our clients.


UAV-IQ – which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intelligence –  is a veteran owned and operated business that leverages the expertise of our founder, Andreas Neuman, a US Air Force veteran, to provide innovative drone solutions for the agriculture industry. Andreas developed the foundation of UAV-IQ during his time in UCLA’s Executive MBA program, and since then has successfully navigated complex regulatory and operational environments. This has led UAV-IQ to become the first company authorized for commercial drone operations in agriculture in California.

In our first year of operations, co-founder Thomas Grandperrin, an experienced entrepreneur in agriculture technology startups, joined our team. His extensive background in developing and scaling startups, combined with his passion for agriculture, made him an ideal fit for UAV-IQ. Thomas’s excitement to join our company stemmed from his belief in our mission to use cutting-edge drone technology to improve the agricultural industry.

Drawing on his military experience, where he implemented new technology to develop practical solutions, Andreas has positioned UAV-IQ as a leader in the emerging market for drone-applied biological control. Along the way UAV-IQ has graduated from prominent business accelerator programs and has been advised by insightful, passionate experts who have helped us “build the plane as we fly it.”

Together, our team has developed one of our most exciting services, BioDrop, which features the release of beneficial insects and mites for agriculture pest control. With this innovative approach, UAV-IQ is revolutionizing pest management for farmers.

At UAV-IQ, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We understand that agriculture is a crucial industry, and we take pride in being able to support farmers in their efforts to increase crop yields and reduce pest damage. Thank you for considering UAV-IQ for your drone-based agricultural solutions.