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Biological Control by Drone

Release beneficial insects exactly when and where they’re needed to suppress pests.



3 Easy Steps to Help Protect Your Field

Step 1: Find the best biocontrol solution

Whether you need help in the field diagnosing your pest issue or already know what you’re dealing with, our beneficials experts will help design a customized IPM program for you.

Step 2: Schedule the release flights

Our experienced team will handle the logistics, ensuring the highest quality beneficial insects and mites arrive ready to hunt, and the top pilots in the industry arrive on time ready to fly.

Step 3: We release the beneficials

An experienced, fully licensed and insured drone pilot applies the beneficials precisely when and where they’re needed with none of the risks associated with chemical applications.


Why choose UAV-IQ’s Aerial Biocontrol Service

Reduced demand for labor

Replace teams of up to 20 people with a single drone.


Uniformed distribution

Highly calibrated applications result in even distribution over large areas.


Beneficials released ready to work

Precision equipment releases the beneficials in perfect health and primed to hunt.

Service challenging terrain

Quickly treat muddy or tightly planted fields and steep hillsides.


Treat any crop

Disperse biocontrol agents to the tops of tall or dense crops.



20x faster than manual applications and can apply multiple species simultaneously.

Take Your IPM Plan to The Next Level

Some Crops Already Benefiting From Aerial Biocontrol




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