Biological Control by Drone

Release beneficial insects & mites exactly when and where they’re needed to suppress pests.

Biological Control by Drone

Release beneficial insects & mites exactly when and where they’re needed to suppress pests.


Customers Using UAV-IQ’s BioDrop Service

“The BioDrop team is wonderful to work with, very professional and communication is great. They’ve helped us build a customized biocontrol plan to target vine mealybug in our vineyards. Their innovative drone technology not only helps us solve our labor shortage challenge, but it also minimizes soil compaction that an extra pass with tractors would cause on our vineyards.”


Caine Thompson

Managing Director of Robert Hall Winery and Sustainability Lead for O’Neill Vintners & Distillers

“Population of predatory mites was significantly higher (average of 50% more) in the peach blocks treated by UAV-IQ, and the untreated blocks showed more mite stress than the treated blocks. We’re planning on expanding the predatory mites release next year on more stone fruit blocks and releasing other beneficials on other crop types.”


Gregg Young

Certified Professional Agronomist and Pest Control Advisor

“I would feel very confident in hiring this service again in future years. As growers who are very busy during our peak season, it was nice not having to invest any labor in the process – the BioDrop team showed up, flew the drone, and that was it! Easy and cost effective control.”


Rachel Sullivan

Organic fruit grower at Frog Hollow Farm


Why choose UAV-IQ’s Aerial Biocontrol Service

Reduced demand for labor

Replace teams of up to 20 people with a single drone.


Uniformed distribution

Highly calibrated applications result in even distribution over large areas.


Beneficials released ready to work

Precision equipment releases the beneficials in perfect health and primed to hunt.

Service challenging terrain

Quickly treat muddy or tightly planted fields and steep hillsides.


Treat any crop

Disperse biocontrol agents to the tops of tall or dense crops.



20x faster than manual applications and can apply multiple species simultaneously.

Take Your IPM Plan to The Next Level

Some Crops Already Benefiting From Aerial Biocontrol




Stone Fruits

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