UAV-IQ Offers BioDrop

UAV-IQ’s technology-enabled agricultural drone service makes biological pest control easier and more effective for agricultural producers to implement.


3 Easy Steps to Help Protect Your Field

Step 1: Find the best biocontrol solution

Whether you need help in the field diagnosing your pest issue or already know what you’re dealing with, our beneficials experts will help design a customized IPM program for you.

Step 2: Schedule the release flights

Our experienced team will handle the logistics, ensuring the highest quality beneficial insects and mites arrive ready to hunt, and the top pilots in the industry arrive on time ready to fly.

Step 3: We release the beneficials

An experienced, fully licensed and insured drone pilot applies the beneficials precisely when and where they’re needed with none of the risks associated with chemical applications.

A Team of IPM Experts

The BioDrop service helps growers who do or do not have teams of specialists to build integrated pest management (IPM) plans and efficiently integrate them into their operations. A fully licensed, specially trained and insured drone pilot will show up at your property a time which has been coordinated with your work schedule as well as the insectary delivery schedule to ensure applications are made when the product is at its peak level of performance.

State of the Art Release Technology

​The BioDrop technology includes specially designed hoppers and release devices which gently and precisely apply a wide range of beneficial insects, mites and micro organisms which target agricultural pests. The release system’s onboard computer uses the drone’s telemetry data to plan and regulate the applications to provide highly uniformed applications throughout fields, vineyards and orchards.

Communicate Your Sustainability Efforts

For growers who are interested in communicating to their partners and customers about their efforts to improve their sustainability, UAV-IQ can provide media support for BioDrop customers as well. Get in touch with us now to find out how the BioDrop service can help your IPM plan become more effective and sustainable.