Robert (Bob) Starnes is Vice President of Agriculture for UAV-IQ. He joins the company with a renowned record of developing and applying innovative agriculture technology in world-class academic institutions as well as successful commercial ventures.

Before joining the company, Bob was a Senior Superintendent of Agriculture at UC Davis in the Department of Entomology for 15 years. At UC Davis Bob managed a research lab that studied integrated pest management and remote sensing in agriculture. Bob worked with visiting scientists, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, staff and students with design and implementation of research and agricultural projects. Research conducted at UC Davis was used to help commercial growers reduce their dependence on pesticides and rely on natural enemies for pest control efforts.

In addition to his senior leadership role at UC Davis, Bob also founded Shale Peak Horticulture, a company offering customized biological pest management solutions to cannabis growers as an alternative to using pesticides. While developing Shale Peak’s consultation services for pest management, plant health management and facility management, Bob built a stellar reputation as well as an extensive network that UAV-IQ reaches out to develop, test and market its solutions.