Integrated Pest Management Glossary

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Second instar
The second stage of the larval development after molting from the first instar.

Selective pesticide
A pesticide that targets a specific pest and minimizes harm to non-target organisms.

Spider mites (Tetranychidae)
Tiny arachnids that feed on the undersides of leaves, causing stippling and discoloration, and can quickly build up large populations under warm and dry conditions.

Sterile insect technique (SIT)
A method of pest control that involves releasing large numbers of sterilized insects, which mate with wild insects, but produce no viable offspring, eventually leading to a decline in the pest population.

Sticky traps
A monitoring method that involves placing adhesive-coated cards or sheets around the plants to capture flying insects, which are then counted.

Stink bugs
Shield-shaped insects with a characteristic odor, whose nymphs and adults feed on plant tissue and can cause significant damage to a wide range of crops.

Sweep netting
A method of monitoring insect pests by using a large net to sweep through the foliage of plants and collect insects for counting.

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