Integrated Pest Management Glossary

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The appendages on the head of spider mites, which are used for manipulating food and other objects.

A type of insect that lays its eggs on or in a host insect, which serves as a food source for the developing parasitoid larvae.

A type of asexual reproduction in some spider mite species, where females can lay unfertilized eggs that develop into clones of the parent.

A microorganism, such as a bacteria, virus, or fungus, that causes disease in plants or animals.

PCR-based detection
A molecular biology technique that detects the presence of DNA from specific insect pests in plant tissue samples, providing an early warning of potential pest infestations.

Any organism that causes damage or harm to crops, livestock, humans, or structures.

Any substance used to control pests, including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

A chemical substance that is used by insects to communicate with each other, often to attract mates or mark territories. Pheromones can also be used to trap or repel insects.

Pheromone traps
A monitoring method that uses synthetic pheromones, which are chemicals produced by insects to communicate with each other, to attract and trap insects for counting.

A counting method that involves taking photos of the plants and counting the insects in the photos using digital image analysis.

Pitfall traps
A monitoring method that involves placing small containers, such as cups or jars, in the soil to trap crawling insects.

Predatory insect
An insect that feeds on other insects as its primary food source.

Specialized appendages found on the larval stage of some spider mite species, which aid in movement and attachment to plant surfaces.

The third stage of spider mite development, where the larva molts into a protonymph, which has eight legs and continues feeding.

The third stage of insect development, where the insect transforms into its adult form inside a protective cocoon or shell.

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