Integrated Pest Management Glossary

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Mark-release-recapture method
A method of estimating the population size of insect pests by marking a known number of insects, releasing them, and then recapturing a sample of the marked insects at a later time. The total population size can be estimated based on the proportion of marked insects in the sample.

Mass rearing
The process of raising large numbers of natural enemies in captivity for release into the environment.

Mealybugs (Pseudococcidae)
Soft-bodied insects covered with a waxy, white or gray coating, whose nymphs and adults feed on plant sap and produce honeydew.

Mechanical control
The physical removal or exclusion of pests, such as trapping, hand-picking, mowing, or netting.

Metamorphosis is a process of development that insects undergo in which they transform from one stage to another. It involves a series of physiological, anatomical, and behavioral changes that occur as insects grow and develop.

The regular observation and assessment of pest populations and damage, as well as environmental and biological factors, to inform pest management decisions.

A type of insecticide made from entomopathogenic fungi.

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