Integrated Pest Management Glossary

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The adult reproductive stage of winged insects, such as butterflies and moths, that emerges from the pupal stage.

Incomplete Metamorphosis
Incomplete metamorphosis is a type of insect development that involves three distinct stages: egg, nymph, and adult. In this type of metamorphosis, the nymph stage is similar in appearance to the adult stage but lacks wings and reproductive organs. Nymphs typically feed and grow until they reach maturity, where they develop wings and reproductive organs and emerge as fully-formed adults.

Inoculative release
The periodic release of small numbers of natural enemies to establish or maintain their presence in the environment.

A developmental stage of insect larvae, marked by a molting period in which the insect sheds its skin and grows larger.

Integrated pest management (IPM)
A holistic approach to pest control that combines various methods, including biological control, to manage pest populations and reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

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