Integrated Pest Management Glossary

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Degree-day models
A monitoring method that calculates the number of degree-days, a measure of heat accumulation, to predict the timing of pest emergence and the need for control measures.

A term used to describe the brown or black pigmentation found in the exoskeleton of some spider mite species.

The fourth stage of spider mite development, where the protonymph molts into a deutonymph, which also has eight legs and continues feeding.

A period of arrested development that occurs in certain insect species, where the insect temporarily suspends development in response to environmental cues such as temperature or photoperiod, to survive unfavorable conditions.

Digital imaging
A monitoring method that involves using cameras or other digital imaging technology to capture images of plants and analyze them for signs of pest activity.

Refers to the state of having two sets of chromosomes in the cell, which is the case in the somatic cells (body cells) of spider mites.

DNA-based counting
A molecular biology technique that uses quantitative PCR (qPCR) to count the number of insect pests in a sample by detecting and quantifying the DNA of the pest.

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