Q: What is the survival rates of the beneficials?
A: Lots of research has gone into the design of the hopper and release mechanism to ensure high survivability rates. Packing material, short-term food sources, moisture rates and life-cycle stages are carefully selected and tested to make sure the beneficials are in top shape to hunt when they’re released.
Q: At what altitude does the drone fly to release the natural enemies?
A: The drone flies only a few feet above the crops.
Q: Do the beneficials survive the fall?
A: Beneficials hit their terminal velocities rather quickly as the air resistance cushions their decent, which means that they land on their target at a comfortable speed regardless of the height of the drone at the time of the release.
Q: Is the service charged per acre or per hour? What is the cost of an aerial beneficials release?
A: The aerial release cost $20/acre. This does not include the cost of the beneficials.
Q: How many acres per hour & per day can you cover?
A: We can cover 15 to 20 acres per hour, depending on the wind (up to 162 acres per day).
Q: Are you charging a minimum daily acreage?
A: We charge a minimum of 40 acres per day (more than one field can be combined if they are less than 15 minutes drive away from one another)
Q: What happens if it rains (how does the supply chain deal with delays)
A: The bottles are filled with a little bit of food and they remain temperature controlled so the beneficials can survive moderate delays. If the weather reports predict extended periods of bad weather, we will work with the customer to adjust timing of the shipment.


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